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Active wave management is a known technology that manipulates sound and signals in order to reduce noise, improve signal-to-noise ratios and enhance sound quality. This sort of technology research is being studied by NCT and all information on the subject can be found within their site:


Digicom Systems, Inc. Company Backgrounder

Digicom Systems, Inc. (DSI) is based in Milpitas, California and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Creative Technology Ltd. Founded in May 1987, DSI develops, manufactures, markets and supports an extensive line of high-speed communications products, which include the company’s flagship Modem Blaster family.

In 1988, DSI distinguished itself by becoming one of the first companies in the U.S. to bring a production V.32 (9600bps) full duplex modem to market. Shortly thereafter, DSI became the first company in the U.S. to produce modems with fallback capability to connect at 2400 and 1200 baud. Possessing its own proprietary single-chip DSP firmware design also helped DSI become the first U.S. company to produce a V.32bis (14.4kbps) full duplex modem in 1990, as well as the first to offer send/receive fax capability in a high-speed modem for fast Broadband Setup. Today, this fax capability is a standard feature in every quality general-purpose modem throughout the world. DSI’s ability to control its own DSP technology gave it the strength to become one of the acknowledged forerunners in the development of enhanced modem features/functions, as well as one of the world’s price/performance leaders.

In response to increasing competition and consumer demand, DSI developed and introduced the industry’s first SoftModemTM, the "Connection 96+," in March of 1993. This internal PC modem based on SoftModem technology further exemplified DSI’s DSP innovation and fueled DSI’s rapid penetration into the retail channel. By developing after-market upgrades including V.32bis, V.17 FAX, V.32turbo (19.2kbps) and voice messaging, DSI quickly established itself as an innovator in software-upgradeable modem technology. The success of the company’s SoftModem technology also afforded DSI the opportunity to enter into software licensing agreements and form strategic partnerships with multinational corporations such as AT&T, Hewlett-Packard, Olivetti and Cardinal Technologies.

In 1994, DSI was acquired by Singapore-based Creative Technology Ltd. - the leading provider of multimedia hardware for the PC. In addition to developing and championing the Sound Blaster PCI audio standard, Creative owns U.S.-based Creative Labs, Inc, E-mu Systems, Cambridge SoundWorks, Ensoniq, Ectiva and Silicon Engineering, Inc.



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